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Dog needs home - URGENTLY

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Due to illness I must return to the USA. 


My companion for the last three years through illness was "Pecosa" .  She is a fixed medium size dog that would enjoy space to roam, but can get by in the city. I hope to get a photo posted of her soon. She was a highway rescue from San Miguel de Allende and is probanly between 4 and 5 years old. I have had a vet confirm as I suspected she is probaboy part American Pit Bull and part Dalmation.


Pecosa responds well to English commands and seems to understand little Spanish. When I rescued her I thought she was completely ignorant to my commands in Spanish . Then one day I  said something to her in English and she did exactly as told her to do. I discovered she responded very well to English that day.   She would be an excellent companion for a person living alone that needs a little extra security. She can get along with other dogs and is  kid friendly. She has only shown agression to people when someone showed agression against me. She is happy doing car trips.






376 688 2932

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Check with the airline you are planning to use to fly NOB. IF you are flying with the dog, it may be possible, depending on where you are flying. There are temperature restrictions for both the departing and arriving airports since the dog will be sitting on the tarmac in a crate. Each airline has slightly different rules.

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Homes are full of dogs that have already been dumped by people who cannot afford to care for their pets anymore due to the current situation. All the shelters are overflowing....please take your pet with you , we are overwhelmed here with the need.......so few options. Your pet, your responsibility, your duty. Sorry but that is simply how it is just now...



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