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Superlake employees not all wearing masks

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12 minutes ago, johanson said:

Pedro: A question. Living in Ajijic, I don't go to Pancho's very often; but when I go, it is early and I haven't found it that crowded. In fact, the biggest crowd were the kids stocking the shelves. 

My question is, was there a certain day or time you found most crowded that I should avoid? Thanks in advance for your recommendations

Went there twice recently at different times and left before entering, just to buy 2 apple turnovers and 4 croissants. Last week around noon, 1/2 hr. in line up for 10 items. We don't lust for a lot of imported so don't buy much in either place

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5 hours ago, Xena said:

I heard that because her positive test was done in Guadalajara she is considered another case there. If that is true then Chapala sending people to Guadalajara for tests may account for zero confirmed cases here. 

It is my understanding that it depends on where you reside. I have seen a couple of times where they took the case out of one town and moved it to another as the person did not live where the test was done.

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Yes I have gone to the Ajijic Panchos and it was too small and not room to have that many different products. I heard from an employee that Poncho sold the Ajijic Panchos to a new owner. I did not ask who this no owner is.

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