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I had the foresight to stock up on gin before the ban on sales but neglected to buy dry vermouth. Any one have a thought where I might buy some.

Even though I only add a tough of vermouth if start drinking straight gin I’ll feel like an alcoholic!

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4 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

Did you check El Torito?

I understand the liquor stores are open in Jocotepec also.  Perhaps Habacht can confirm?

Thanks, I had forgotten about that!

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4 minutes ago, sm1mex said:

Paz liquor store can sell it if it’s 12% or less alcohol. 

I thought that since it was a wine it would be for sale but it is a fortified wine with an ABV between 15-18%. It's time to put the gin in a salted rimmed glass with grapefruit juice for a classic Salty Dog.

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Well, I’ll fill you in on my odyssey. As suggested I went to El Torino-no luck. Next stop, Walmart. The vermouth way in a row that was blocked off by a skid of wine. Not to be deterred, I reached down the row a snagged 2 bottles of vermouth. I figured I’d try my luck at the cash register shrugging my shoulders and saying it was just vino. To make my ploy less obvious,I tossed some produce into the cart before heading for check out. Busted, the cashier actually read the alcohol content on the label.

Driving home to west Ajijic I noticed, as Deborah M has now pointed out, that the door to Vinos America’s was open. Embarrassingly, I made a u-turn and pulled into the parking lot.They were more than happy to sell me 2 bottles and I fled the parking lot before they could come out to tell me they had make a mistake. Pretty pathetic, eh!



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