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If you can catch her, take her immediately to a veterinarian and have her spayed.  Yes.... they can and do spay when PG.  At least that way that litter plus many more (hers and her female kittens) will not contribute to overpopulation.  Give her a couple of day to rest and recover, and then let her go.

Feed her IF you don't mind her hanging around. Post her   photo on this and other boards.... maybe someone will adopt her?  Otherwise, sad to say but she will manage as she has done in the past.

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Had a stray cat around my place for a couple of years. Then I started finding her curled up on my patio cushions in the morning. I'm not a cat person, so kept chasing her off. My large dog would also chase her (dog actually isn't a cat chaser, but when she saw me clap my hands and yell at the cat, she figured she was supposed to help me out). But cat was having none of it- she'd be back on those cushions in the morning again. Then she left me a big dead rat on the terrace one day. So I figured if she was going to ingratiate herself like that, and was a good hunter, I'd stop chasing her off. I took her to a free spay and neuter clinic, and when I called to see if it was time to pick her up, they said they'd shaved her down and found the tattoo that meant she's already been spayed. So she obviously belonged to someone at some point, or the folks who volunteer at the clinic and go around picking up strays to spay did it. She's turned out to be a pretty no-hassle cat and I still don't really feed her- she helps herself out of the dog bowl and I figure if she's mising some nutrients, she'll go kill some rodents or lizards. She's done in 2 more rats, some mice, a tiny possum, and I'm sure a lot of other stuff I don't see. 

But if anyone knows a good way to keep a cat from pooping in the veggie garden, I'd love some tips. This is why I don't want a cat around.

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5 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

That's simple. Get a potty box with some quality litter and place it near where she sleeps on the patio. Keep it free of "clumps" and she'll prefer to use it over your garden.

Well, thanks for the response, but I don't do litter boxes.

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