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Seeking Bilingual Accountant

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I want to hire a licensed, bilingual, part-time accountant for my business and personal finances. They must be able to handle SAT and IMSS for 20 employees. I really want them to be local. I don’t like communicating with Guadalajara. Any suggestions welcome.

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I know you asked for someone local, but, since no one has replied  I thought I would pass on this information.  The following is information for the accounting firm that we use (Fraccionamiento and private small business owner) in Guadalajara.  They come lakeside weekly and all employees listed speak English.   We send them information via email when needed, have a contract with them that specifies when they pay our regular monthly bills, when they send payroll information to us (they do the bank transfers to the nomina accounts) and when they will do the journal entries to our online accounting program.  If you want any further information, please feel free to pm me.

Accountant English/Spanish:

StartUp Solutions

Nalletly Ramírez Orozco CPA /partner  331 195 1007     nramirezo@startupmex.com

Michelle Vazquez Salary/taxes      mvazquezl@startupmex.com

Eduardo Aguilera Dia Owner/attorney      333 630 9213

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