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Is it Riveras or Riberas del Pilar ?

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On 4/25/2020 at 12:15 AM, slainte39 said:

Of course there is a delegado in SAT, always has been. Office is on the northwest corner of the plaza.  There are 6 delegaciones in the Municipio of Chapala. Coming from the west, the first is Ajijic. then SAT, then Chapala, and the other 3 are east of Chapala (the delegación, not municipio). Simapa is not the local government, it´s the water distribution. Voting locations are a federal responsibility, nothing to do with local governments.

Google maps are not necessarily the absolute authority on anything, especially in this case, and they certainly don´t over ride the local government structure.  Does your recibo de predial say San Antonio Tlayacapan or Chapala? I´m almost willing to bet money that Riberas del Pilar is in the Chapala Delegación and not SAT, and I don´t gamble.  I have lived in SAT for 40 years and have known all the delegados in that time and never once did they mention that Riberas was part of their responsibility.

Now Chula Vista and the fracs. along the west end of the Libramiento are a different matter, they are part of the SAT delegación.

You need more proof than a Google map to convince me....show me your Riberas escritura or predial recibo stating SAT. I have to go to Jocotepec to renew my INE card, does that make SAT delegación part of Jocotepec?

Here is exactly what my recibo de predial says:

 Ubicacion del Predio

My house address

Col. Fraccionamiento Riberas del Pilar

Pob. San Antonio


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26 minutes ago, bdlngton said:

I messaged the Gobierno d e Chapala through their Facebook page, asking if Riberas del Pilar had a delegado that represents it in the municipio.  Here is the answer directly from the Gobierno del Municipio:

Buenos días, Claro que si, El Delegado de San Antonio, Remiro Renteria.

All that means is the delegado from SAT politically represents both,nothing more.

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