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New Nightly Anouncement on Police Trucks

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Apparently they are now announcing a new or modified warning on the police trucks in Chapala.  I perfectly understand the Spanish when I am within ear range but I live a street over from the main Avenida.  All I caught was "please do not go out on the streets, now is not the time to be on the streets".  The previous message that they had been announcing for the past several weeks did not include those lines.  I wonder if anybody could find or post the complete transcription of this apparently new message from the Presidente.  Gracias.

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I finally found it on youtube.

This is what it is saying, my translation.

Attention:  We are in a national health emergency because of Coronavirus.  Return back to your home, this is not a time to be out on the streets.  If it is not totally necessary do not leave your home.  The use of a face mask is mandatory in all occasions.  It is prohibited to use public transport without a face mask.  If you are going to the tianguis, the market, or the store, go alone and with a face mask.  If you are going out to get food, get it to go and wear a face mask.  If you go out to walk your pet, use a face mask.  There will be fines for those that do not follow these measures.  Stay at home, avoid contagion, fines, and deaths! 

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This is my translation I did yesterday with audio for the new message


Chapala Public Safety Message April 19, 2020

(4 beeps)

Attention, we are in a national health emergency due to the Coronavirus, return to your homes  9

It is not time to be in the streets, if you do not have an urgent necessary activity, do not go out of your house  15

The use of face masks is required at all times, it is prohibited to use public transportation without a face mask  23

If you go to the Tianguis, Mercado or the store, go alone and with a face mask 29

If you are going to buy food, ask for it to go and use a face mask.  33

If you take your dog out for a walk use a face mask. 37

There will be penalties for those who violate these measures 40

Stay home to avoid infection, fines and death! 44

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