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Traitte and Vancouver Wings


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The Traitte delivery service is really pushing their business these days. Got a notification last week that delivery fees were 50% off (don't think that lasted long). I used them for the first time on Saturday evening. I wanted junk food, and ordered wings, fries and rings from Vancouver Wings, just to see once and for all what these guys are all about.

The phone app for Traitte offers instant updates: when they get your order, when a driver accepts your order, when he picks it up, and then a map with delivery times in minutes. Mine was 25 minutes from request to delivery. Unfortunately, the guy had no gloves or mask. Fortunately, the wings (in "Vancouver" sauce) were excellent and not puny. Fries were soggy, as expected, but nicely seasoned, and rings were about as good and crisp as you can get around here.


The Traitte app and Website have got it all figured out, with a complete list of many restaurants, distance from your location (all geo-located), hours, and full menus, plus delivery costs for each restaurant (based on distance for the driver). It was unfortunate when the other Lakeside Restaurant delivery service had to fold, but Traitte looks like they will be sticking around.

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We've used the Traitte app three times, though not yet for Vancouver Wings. It's fantastic. We appreciate the English option and the timely updates to let us know everything is on its way. It's taken 45 minutes from ordering to delivery each time. But they were all from Ajijic (or West Ajijic) to Riberas. No complaints here - except, yeah, fries are gonna be soggy every time.

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CG--did you order prime time Sat. evening....say, between 5:30 and 7?  I worry they may get bogged down during dinner rush hour.  Lots of foods suffer if delivery times are more than 10 minutes.  

On tipping....Traitte doesn't seem to have a mechanism to tip the restaurant staff, or did I miss that??  Our main goal is to help the small eateries most at risk for survival, including their waitstaff whose main source of income has been tips.  

So far we've been doing take-away instead.  We can tip the staff directly; and we have more control over freshness.  We Whatsapp them an hour or more ahead of time... order and tell them the exact time we will pick up.  So far the foods have been hot and fresh when we arrive.  Most places we use are within a 7 minute walk or 3 minute drive. 

And, even in Centro Ajijic....there are no parking issues (even on Ocampo, 16 de Sept. etc.) if we drive to fetch!




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I ordered at 6:41 Sat. night, and it arrived about 7:09, which I would say is primetime, although I imagine there are lots of seniors who want dinner around 6, like my Mom used to.

On the electronic bill you see the Subtotal, which is the food order, a Delivery Fee for the Driver, a place for a driver tip (although I didn't figure out how to enter one, nor would I anyway until I actually got a delivery), and the Traitte Service Fee of 7%. Nothing for the restaurant staff.

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