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Laredo border crossing going north


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26 minutes ago, pdqpc said:

Does anyone know if US citizens can cross the Laredo Texas border going north? (I will be driving). Thanks

If you check the border crossing site, that should give you the answer. ( I would think you would need a good reason to enter at this time and not sooner).



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For lack of a better place to post this:

Texas starts to reopen Friday, May first.

"Along with retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters, Abbott said that museums and libraries can also reopen on Friday at a 25 percent capacity. Sole proprietors of businesses can also open and doctors and dentists can resume normal operations as well."

Also mentions nail salons, barbers and bars remain closed. If all goes well, more will open May 18.

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Just posted on Facebook by someone who just came through the main crossing.  Apparently they found Columbia closed?


In case anyone is wondering what it's like coming south through Nuevo Laredo, it is still very dangerous. Crossed in a two car caravan at 7:30 this morning and immediately after exiting customs two carloads of CDN gangsters tried to force us to stop. They were waiting right there inside Anduanas! We both managed to get away by some miracle but we got separated until we could meet up at the first checkpoint. This makes two for two times they tried to get me in the last 8 months, and got away both times. I'd say I'll never cross there again but it's the only place to cancel the TIP on the way out since the kiosk at Columbia is closed. Viva Mexico!


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