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You have made some great posts here and above, Mainecoons. When was it, about 15 years ago when we were all getting calls from fake millionaires wanting to share some of their money with us? There was one slightly well to do widower lakeside who wanted to believe these con letters. He went through all of his funds sending these funds to the con artist who needed just (for example) $2,000 US dollars, so that he could pay the overdue bank fees so that the con-artist could get his gold or millions of dollars out of his safe deposit box. And promised to give whoever helped him, by giving him 1/3 of severl million dollars or what have you.

Con artist after con artist chipped  away at all of his savings..  His children finally had to come to Ajijic and take him back up to his former home town the states. We never heard from him again

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