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5 hours ago, Kiko said:

Anyone who ever owned a British car or moto from the 70's will get it....


Lucas the prince of darkness and I have experience with much earlier Brit cars and motos and yes I am insane and commissioned a music video for my wake which I posted here "Pedro is Crazy".-SNORK!

pedro kertesz

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4 hours ago, Jreboll said:

My first car was a 1968 MGC. Drove it all around Mexico. Loved that car. 
Does that count?

1967 Austin Healy 3000 Mark 3 convertible, white with red leather. Three liter, straight six.

Ran like a dream with little maintenance. I watched in horror as the body disintegrated with rust in Canadian winters.

Memories of a then bachelor. 


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I kind of sort of remember that being a continuous towel for drying ones hands after using the latrine. And I am pretty sure when I was young and knew even less about good health habits than I do now that I would have used this hand dryer every time I ran across one for drying my hands in the public latrines of days past.


:)  Or should that be a frown ?

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