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Things Better NOB--They can go fishing!

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Breaking very important advice just posted.


Based on the potential of passing gas being a transmission source of corona, and the act of wearing pants reduces that threat by filtering the virus, the saying, "keep your pants on" is not just an admonition to wait, it is now sound medical advice.


No photo description available.

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I'm late to the topic, but yes, we still fish etc up there in TX. I was by the Lake today and there were at least a dozen bass boat trailers in the launch parking area. Yesterday I was in Lowes, Home Depot and Autozone, they were glad to see me (or my money). Last week I saw a flight of pelicans spending a bit of time on the Lake before heading on N to Alberta. Life goes on. In my county which is 966 sq miles with 22K people we have 3 reported cases, we don't see the problem.

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