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FoodBank Lakeside - We Need Your Help!

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WOW! In just a few short days, we have been able to raise enough money, secure two distribution points and will be able to feed 40 families for a week! All thanks to the generous donations from YOU!

FoodBank Lakeside is a small, local organization made up of volunteers that are ramping up to meet the growing needs of our local Lakeside families needing food assistance due to lost work, expat employer departures, and the Mexican government orders to stay home.

Starting tomorrow, we will begin providing needy families with enough food to last them for one week. There is one despensa in San Antonio Tlayacapan and one in Ajijic.

Each family receives a food kit that includes items like, Rice, Sugar, Beans, Pastas, Oil, Tissue Paper, Eggs, Laundry Soap, Milk, Oats, Lentils, Bath Soap, and Tuna.

We will also be making sure they have a weeks worth of dog food for their dogs.

Your generous contribution of $15 USD will feed a family of two for a week, and just $30 USD will help us achieve our goal of feeding a family of four!

Starting the following week, we will start to prepare food kits to last these families for two weeks, in order to help with safe social distancing practices.

But we can't do it without YOU! Please share our request everywhere ... your friends and families, social media, emails, anywhere and everywhere!

And please give whatever amount you can at this time! Our local community needs YOUR HELP!

For Credit Card Donations:

For Paypal Donations:

Cash Donations or to Volunteer - Email our team at:

Visit us on Facebook at:

Thank you for helping us help them!

The Team at FoodBank Lakeside
"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"






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