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Internet Slow Down

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Telmex is showing no change in speeds for me.  And I am afraid to do a speed test on my Telcel iPhone simply because I only have a few pesos left on it and wouldn't want to run out of funds on my Telcel supported cell phone

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I got a new modem from Telmex maybe a month ago. And for the first few days there were no speed changes. Then all of a sudden instead of getting about 15 MB/Sec down by about 0.6 up, Telmex upgraded my speed to about 19.8 MB/sec down by about 5.05 MB/sec up.

I went into Telmex and thanked them for the increased speed. And asked if I could pay more for even higher speeds.  They smiled and suggested that maybe sometime in the future they could do so, but not at the time.

Where an I located? In upper West Ajijic 1,700 meters from where the telephone lines attach to the internet (to the DSLAM card).  How do I know the distance between me and my connection or DSLAM card?  That is what shows up on the Telmex computer when they bring up my account at the  Ajijic Telmex office. This distance is about the same as the driving distance between me and the Telmex office.

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