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Great video by Dr on cleaning food when you bring it in the house

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Yes, I thought it was very helpful.  I now have a plastic tarp on my dining room table along with my bottle of clorox/water solution and white cloth.  I'm doing as he says and leaving everything possible on the carport until needed.  Then, I bring each item in (gloves on) and do as he says.

Taking every precaution possible.  Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

Val  :)

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It's an excellent video. I only bring in perishables and deal with them accordingly. The rest of it can stay in my car, in the sun for a few days. It gets hot in the car and heat disables the virus as well. Whatever works for you.

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I never used to Microdyn fruit that I peeled or veg that I cooked. Now, my sink gets a good scrub and a rinse and the plug goes in. Then I fill the sink with potable water (I have a two filter system/uv system under the sink) then add a generous amount of Microdyn and it all goes in for a good soak. About 15 minutes. Air dry and put in fridge.

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