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On a different note, what is the price of gas now in Mexico?

Jim Bowie

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Glad to hear that the price is dropping. Gosh, driving only a few Km per day, I must fill up every 5 or so weeks. And no, the prices in Ajijic as of yesterday were still 20.8 or so.  I presume that with time, even the prices in Ajijic will drop to closer to the new market value.

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3-20  Pemex has dropped wholesale prices. Many stations have not dropped theirs or are waiting for new arrivals to drop the price.

Chapala downtown    Magna $ 17.50       Premium   $ 18.50

Libramiento                Regular $ 19.25      Premium   $  20.89

Ciudad Valles San luis Potosi  Magna $ Magna $  15.95   Premium  $ 17.50

Nuevo Laredo  Hwy Monterrrey-Nuevo Laredo 8455  Magna $ 10.99    Pemium $ 14.32   




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