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Has anyone used the pick up service at Walmart in Ajijic?

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How does it work?

Yes, I have tried to find out but I don't read enough Spanish to understand or even find it on the website.

I would appreciate responses to my question and not criticism for not reading Spanish, etc.




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I don't think that it is offered at Lakeside. I can create an account, login, order stuff and then I can't ship except to certain stores but not here. They just don't have explicit error catching that says "that location is unavailable for shipping." Maybe that has or will change, I haven't tried it for a while.

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I have not used it, but they do have several parking spaces set aside for Pick Up out front. 

I just went to my account and selected the pickup store for me (I entered my Ajijic zipcode) and it popped up (what they call) the Chapala store. And that store is now part of my account.  

So  I think it is viable for using here.   

Eric,  this is the screen you need to pick your store.  You will need to have already created an account.  

walmart store.jpg

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