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Caravan to Laredo


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Sorry, when i found people to travel with I erased the thread. I apologize. Made it ok after fog and rain out of Saltillo to Monterrey, then 2 hours wait at the border.

Good luck to those who have stayed,.  
Ajijic and its people (including the expats) will suffer great hardship, Isolation is impossible where so many people live in such close proximity.

I have been in the Hospital Civil, it is terrible. Kindness and generosity will make things bearable. 

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if isolation is possible in Paris, it is possible in Ajijic.. Everyone is under the same virus and no matter what we will survive and some of us will die wether you are in the States, Mexico or anywhere else.

France has a great reputation  for their healthcare and they are doing triage in big cities are they are running out of beds and respirators so good luck to everyone anywhere in the world. Ajijic is not a bad place to be if you want to isolate yourself, at least we have a nice climate.  


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4 hours ago, Jim Bowie said:

I'm glad to finally see that people are not putting down others for their health choices. 


No, just for posting information that I am told every person on this board already knows.

So I agree, if every person on this board knows everything I know/find, why post it? So I don't.

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37 minutes ago, virgo lady said:

Good start Eric.   Now please stop posting, altogether.

How is it that YOU get to tell him what to do or not do?  That's so sad... to me.  

If you don't like what he Posts, then either don't read his Posts or 'hide his Posts'. 

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