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Hip Replacement Surgery in Guadalajara

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Had mine done April 2018 by an excellent orthopaedic surgeon in Guad.  Opted to use Hospital Santissima Trinidad as is fully equipped and wonderful, but FAR less costly than places like Del Carmen, Country 2000, Puerta de Hierro etc.  (His office is in the Del Carmen tower but he  operates at both places).

I needed a costly ceramic/titanium prosthesis due to metal allergies .... it cost more than all the doctors plus the hospital stay combined.... but was still about $9,500 US total.

EXCELLENT result......... but then he has a great reputation, and I followed all instructions (do and don't) to the letter.  Will be going back soon to discuss lower back surgery with him..... and will use  same place if needed.  Dr. Jose Miguel Huerta  off 33 3813 3006     He speaks reasonable English.

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3 hours ago, Jreboll said:

I had mine done here in Texas and the physical therapist would come to my home for all the post op exercises. I’d like to know about your follow-up physical therapy. 

No pre-op physio.  Doctor (plus physiotherapist on day 3  while in hospital )gave me very explicit instructions on what and how to do/ NOT do..... changed little by little.... and I did it all on my own at home.  Did require a walker for a while, then a cane. Found my yoga strap to be useful for leg lifts early on. 

Might mention I am small, and pretty strong, so maybe made a difference? Also am VERY disciplined so as I said.... followed all his instructions to the letter.

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53 minutes ago, HoneyBee said:

Just on a side note the ceramic/titanium is well worth the additional costs. I had a bad car accident in 1990 which broke my pelvis and in June of 1992 I had a ceramic/titanium joint implanted. 28 years later its still like new. 

When you say ceramic, do you mean the bottom half of the prosthesis? Like a honeycomb that your own bone grew through instead of using adhesive to cement it in? My hubby had that kind done when he was 50 in 1990. It was still going strong when he passed away in 2015. Twenty-five years.

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My hubby's wasn't cemented either but, because of the small honeycomb, it took a while to heal properly. But when it did, it was really great. He was told not to ski any more... not because his body couldn't stand it but because of any yahoo's on the mountain that might run into him.

The point being that it was fairly new technology and a game changer that stood the test of time.

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I just looked at my "2 weeks after surgery " xrays.  No evidence of any sort of honeycomb (nor was it ever mentioned to me). Whole thing looks pretty solid so doubt honeycomb happened.

I sensed the surgery leg to feel longer than the other one and was told yes,   true... in order for leg to be equal to other once the femur portion of the prosthesis had settled into place. And that's exactly what happened. Was allowed to drive my (standard transmission)  car  4 weeks after surgery as long as I got in and out of seat as advised, even tho' was still not allowed to go up and down stairs in the house! 


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