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Best on-line Spanish education program?

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Just talked with a friend NOB who is still working but would love to jump start her efforts to learn Spanish.  As a full-time Mom and job, she's limited on time but asked me if I knew the best on-line Spanish language program.  I do not, LOL!

Hoping you can share some ideas and programs I can give her to learn Spanish before she comes to Mexico in the next year or so.

As always, thanks!

Val Jones  :)

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I absolutely love Synergy Spanish. I had learned some words but could not speak the language. Synergy Spanish got me started with speaking and gave me the confidence to try out my Spanish. After 5 years here, I'm now pretty fluent. www.synergyspanish.com.  Click on the official site link, not the addressee, and you'll get some free lessons in exchange for your email addresss

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Or you can buy the book "Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish" by Margarita Madrigal. It starts with pronunciation of letters in Spanish and then, the first few chapters are words that you already know just pronounced slightly differently or spelled slightly differently. It's a process and you will be able to make yourself understood long before you understand what is being said to you. Patience and a good ability to laugh at yourself are very helpful. My first words (other than please and thank you) were Por favor, puedes hablar mas despacio... please, can you speak more slowly.

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This 1-hour digital taster course is for beginners who are new to the Michel Thomas Method. Learn over 50 essential words at the heart of Spanish and how to put them together to make yourself understood. From the very beginning you will be able to construct simple phrases by listening and thinking out answers for yourself. During the course, you will join Michel Thomas himself and 2 students in a live lesson. The course will take about 3-4 hours to complete and is available to stream or download via the Michel Thomas Method Library app. It is the first hour of the Foundation course.

‘Learning Spanish with Michel was the most extraordinary learning experience of my life – it was unforgettable’. ­
– Emma Thompson

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