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Ride to Guadalaja

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Prices range from 250 pesos per hour to under 150. This can include translation if you need it. Depends on the time of day too. Guadalajara is near gridlock many times of day because of construction, sheer volume, and the reluctance of truckers to pay tolls. It is unfair to ask the driver to shoulder these costs.

This is one of the most economical we have found. He is a lifelong resident of Guadalajara and lives just before the airport.

Gil 331 329 3092


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Yes. He doesn't like to drive nights in Guadalajara - too dangerous. So he cuts his daytime rates to pick up more gigs. No gringos where he lives. Interesting guy. He has probably attended every major rock show or event in Guadalajara over the past five to ten years. He works as part of the cleanup crew, but he gets to see the shows for free.

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Don't the private drivers also charge for their time to return by themselves ? The OP is needing two one way trips.  I'm guessing 6-700 each way for a private driver.

Probably half that if you take the bus plus taxis

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