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Are incoming passengers at GDL being checked for elevated temperatures?

Eric Blair

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Greetings from Tokio where Corona Virus is going around for now.  We feel sorry but we could not be snow birds this time.

Fortunately, I have not heard any news about Corona things in Mexico except beers so far.

Here are few things I would like to mention from what I have heard about Corona virus. FYI,  I had been in a medical field for many years so I will try to be neutral. 

As of today, # of infected person in Japan: 170 , # of death: 1 (80yrs old lady)  # of recovered: 23 excluding 691 infected and 3 died passengers on board. 

# of int'l infected:   79,391 , # of deceased 2,696 , # of recovered 27,878

Death rate is not big as of SARS for now. But the death rate of elderly person with diabetes, coronary and/or pulmonary diseases is well over 80%. Infectivity of Corona is much much stronger than SARS.  As 80% of infected person get slight attack and/or no symptom. Incubation periods vary for 5~6 days and 2 weeks. So you may have a great chance to get infected or transfer the virus to the other without awareness. It is very difficult to identify the chain of infections.

Do not take this too serious but do not underestimate Corona virus which, I hope not but I am sure, will be arisen soon in Mexico. 

My advice to you: Go and get a bottle of ethanol disinfectant diluted with water (not 100% pure one that is less potent). Wash your hands with disinfectant.

Once you hear the news in Mexico, stay away from the crowd and be a hermit until this incident is over. Personally, I doubt the effectively of masks with regard to the virus.

Have a good day and buena suerte!


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Today I thought it might be good idea buy some disinfectant hand wash with alcohol. Went to Walmart but had trouble finding any, then I saw a Mexican gentleman with a cart full of Lysol spray and bottles of the hand wash. He was kind enough to show where the two remaining bottles were. 

Am I right in thinking that the low humidity here will help slow the spread of the virus  ? I've heard that it requires droplets of moisture to live in which should dry out faster here.


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On 2/23/2020 at 4:29 PM, MtnMama said:

I have a suggestion: Buy one of those really heavy duty face masks  (the little light weight white ones don't work) and wash your hands a lot. You'll be fine.

Respirators, unless they are fit to your face to be air tight are not effective because as you breath in it pulls air in from around the mask.

Yes, wash your hands often, cough/sneeze into your elbow, and train yourself not to touch your face (especially eyes) with your hands (harder than it sounds).



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2 hours ago, ea93105 said:

Am I right in thinking that the low humidity here will help slow the spread of the virus  ? I've heard that it requires droplets of moisture to live in which should dry out faster here.


Hola again!  I feel sorry to have learnt the news saying Mexico has two patients with new corona virus.

Generally survival rate of virus is higher with lower temp and lower humidity. That's why we see much flu in winter time.  per G.J. Harper  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2134455/

However new research shows different results. as per Karen Kormuth et al  https://pmc.carenet.com/?pmid=29878137

Anyway we'd use commonsense caution around.   It is getting pandemic worldwidely. It is not wise or distant to compare with other virus such as flu spreaded in the States. I am happy to tell you that I am still a ok except my stocks on the market.

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I am lucky, if it comes to that, I brought down my 3M PAPR respirator with extra batteries and HEPA filters. Blows wonderful cool air on your face when you are working in dusty environments. Has a sort of Star Wars look to it too.


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