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Where did it disappear to? Or is it forever gone?

Eric Blair

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A few months ago, I got am OTC med at Christiana Pharmacy in Ajijic, right near the movie theater. Cost for 28 tabs was $83.00.  Pharmacy gone.

Went to Walmart and Pharm. Guadalajara, they had the same med, another brand, for 350% higher price.

No prescription needed, OTC. Any ideas where to get at a better price?


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Medicine is much cheaper in Jocotopec.  From the plaza I go 1 block North towards the mountains than 3 or 4 blocks West , on the South side in middle of block I buy my medicine for about half what it costs in Ajijic.

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On 2/19/2020 at 2:07 PM, gogirl said:

Try Farmacia Maskaras in Riberas.

I agree Farmacia has decent prices. I go to Christina's because they really seem to know what they are doing. One picked up a dangerous error on my script. Not crazy about Guad Pharmacies. Word of caution......be very careful at the big discount pharmacies. Look it up first on Google.  Twice I received the wrong medication.Once  I didn't check and   I became extremely hypotensive because I was given a anti-hypertensive instead of a GI drug.( the generics looked similar) I already take a low dose of one for a heart problem. My Bp is normally 110/80  or less. I was so hypotensive , I could not stand, the room was twirling around etc.    

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