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We have a White-Westinghouse that we bought when we moved here over fourteen years ago. Never a problem with it and I do a lot of laundry. The dryer is on top and the washer is on the bottom. It's one piece.

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I have Whirpool side by side and I bought them second hand but have owned them both for nearly four years. I wanted a dryer with a door that opened DOWN because it wouldn't ever matter which side the washer was on. I gave away the one unit that gogirl describes because I'm tall and kept whacking my head on the above dryer when I was taking stuff out of the washer. If I ever buy a "stacking" unit in the future, the washer will be a front load. I also wouldn't buy anything with sensitive electronics involved here. Knobs do just fine, always have and always will.

I've also had long term success with both Mabe (9 years San Miguel) and Westinghouse (6 years San Pancho).

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34 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

Mabe and GE are the same in Mexico. Have had a Mabe set for about 15 years with zero problems. It's like banks and pizza...  ok for one person and the other person hates. 

I would agree with oregontochapala.

The new Mabes state in their description, "the new sound of washing". This came after numerous complaints about the absurd amount of noise these machines make. And the amount of water they use in spite of billing their machines as water savers is crazy.

So, yes, to your comment and we can add that the age of the machine makes a big difference, too.

The maid we terminated took ours in exchange for her finiquito. Expensive lesson learned.

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We have an LG washer that we bought in 2005. Still working fine. 12KG. Like it so well that 2 years ago bought a new LG  at Sam's Club here for 6995p and took it NOB where we use it often. 19KG. Our dryer here is an old Sears Kenmore electric 220 that we bought NOB for $50 at a garage sale. Works like new, but is old. One of those mustard colors. 


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On 2/15/2020 at 11:48 AM, Apachewoman said:

Your experience with brand for Reliability AND Pricing for:



Thank you for sharing your experience in Mexico.



In Chapala we bought A top load washer and propane dryer 3 months ago.  We chose Whirlpool because we thought they might be a little better than the Mabe.  So far no problems.  We bought at the store just west of the Coldwell Banker real estate office.  It is just before the red light in Chapala  when you are coming from the west.

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Many appliance brands, especially washers, are actually the same, but with different labels, or sometimes just a different control panel.  Whirlpool-GE-Kenmore and a few others are examples. As such, parts are interchangeable.

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