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Dry ice--where to buy


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What you're looking in Spanish is called, Hielo Seca (the H is silent) and can be purchased from Praxair, a chain of medical supply shops around Guadalajara.  You should be able to search google maps for their locations.  One address is Av 8 de Juli No 1753, Col Morelos, C.P. 44910, Guadalajara.  333 268 1652.  www. praxair.com.mx

My findings suggest the price is quite a lot higher than further north, perhaps because there doesn't seem to be much use (or awareness?) of it by the general population. 

Also, if you ask for Hielo Seca, many locals won't know what you're talking about (my personal experience).  Asking at Home Depot had me staring at a type of insulation made from styrofoam pellets...

If you need a larger quantity, need it over time or not until next week, Praxair can sell, or rent you large Co2 tanks and you can "make it" when you need it, returning or refilling the tank as desired.  (Dry ice can also be made from a Co2 fire extinguisher). 

Process is easy, search google or youtube "make dry ice".  Releasing the Co2 from a tank into a burlap (or similar material) bag, using some safety measures such as being outdoors and thick gloves, will fill the bag with dry ice.

Good luck.

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