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Once upon a time Spencer posted where to find your temp import permit online .... I checked some years ago and found myself/my car.  I went back to check later and the online records only went back to 2007.  My Japanese made car (vin begins with J) is 27 years old, with low mileage and it keeps on ticking.  

Since I brought my car in 16 years ago I have had three passports, the one I came in on, the next ten year passport, and last year a third passport.  I know my car is horrendously “chocolate”... but I am having an internal battle over what to do.  I guess my questions are how would they know when I brought the car in, and what current document relates to the vehicle and where can I find the info Spencer posted all those moons ago to see if I can yet find it online.

I know I can of course drive it back to the border which I just am not interested in doing.  Or, I could take it apart and sell the pieces.... and  of course I can also report it stolen all these years later.

Thanks  for any info.



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Don't worry, be happy, no one in Mexico is interested in this right now. If a corrupto, or bona fide customs agent, challenges you on it, offer them your keys, take all paperwork, install the steering wheel lock, call a cab. Act like they are doing you a favor. They will buckle everytime.

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So what is next? I don't understand how this helps you. A fraudulent stolen vehicle report will get you into far deeper trouble.

My Japanese made vehicle is 25 years old, engine just starting to get broken in. I resolved these issues seven years ago. I had my Japan VIN # LEGALLY, replaced with a made in Canada one. The vehicle is legally plated in Mexico, is in the database but as pending, the tarifa is paid in full every year, and I have Qualitis driver license insurance with 300,000 liability and bail bond. After 30 years you can import as vintage. In case you didn't know, after 25 years you can import the car to the the US without meeting emission standards. Collecting odd Japanese vehicles is very big right now there.

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