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David Truly presentation to Open Circle 2/2


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I did not go to Davids presentation on the 2/2,  but have just sat through a video copy made available by Open Circle. There is always a large attendance for his presentations.

I did go to his previous presentation with great expectations,, but came away rather bored.

Sadly this 2/2 presentation was no different, lots of generalizations, and  common sense observations. Maybe an underlying theme ..... you are in Mexico suck it up

Ha yes.... he did say "Leave your politics at the border"

During the question and answer session one interesting question from the audience which I had not thought about "we have many animal shelters but no shelters for vulnerable humans..will that change "

Did anyone who attended the meeting come away with any earth shattering  info they did not have before?

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There are shelters for vulnerable animals only because of the sacrifices of committed private individuals  who step up to donate significant  time, energy and money

Though obviously an extremely more complicated issue , I imagine there will  be  ‘shelters for vulnerable humans’   only if/when private individuals passionate about that cause  step up and create them 

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Those who need shelter, etc. are handled by D.I.F. They are mostly social workers, very dedicated bunch. They are well funded, although they are likely to say they need more. An interesting thing about D.I.F. is that head of the agency is always the spouse of that state's governor.

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