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My doctors have been changing my meds on what seems like a weekly basis.  Consequently, I have a ton that I am no longer using......I would like to donate them to a charity that services the local community.  If  I cannot find such a clinic, I would be happy to sell them to an individual for very little.  This is the list that is available.  They are the from the US and the names are American except for the Spiolto.

Candesartan                                  32 mg......About 180 pills

   Isosorbide Mononit er              30mg.......About 360 pills

Bystolic                                             5mg.......About 360 pills

Spiolto Respimat                            .226mg   14 doses


Please PM me if interested.



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I can't send you a pm for some reason. The director of the Municipal clinic is a member of the Chapala Sunrise Rotary so you have several options:

Take the meds to the municipal clinic. Ask for Dr. Ibarra, you can tell him Harry sent you.

Bring the meds to Monte Carlo hotel  thursday after 9:30 and ask for the Rotary meeting and give him the meds

PM me and I can meet you to get the meds and I will give them to him on your behalf


The above applies to anyone who has meds to dispose of




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