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Recommendations for optical place for new prescription lens


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I used Dr. Pinto the first time but they came back and they weren’t right so they had to be resent in. The next time I used Dr. Camacho and my sunglasses came back with a flaw in the color and also I had to look out of the bottom of the lens to be clear with the right eye and the top of the left lens to be clear with the left eye so they weren’t right. The doctor did not make the glasses but whoever the provider was they didn’t come back correct.

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With progressives, it is imperative that you be fitted and that the lens markings be made by a technician sitting at eye level with you. If great care is not taken, the transition line will be either too high or too low, and you will be unhappy with the glasses.

That said, you may be able to make small adjustments yourself, by adjusting the nose pads wider to lower the glasses, or higher to raise them.

It has little to do with luck.  Luz, at LCS is excellent, and can get you fitted correctly. 

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