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Personally, I do not use MSG when I cook but I am not opposed to using MSG that is easy 
to give the economic dish some savory.
As you may know, MSG was discovered by a Japanese, Pro.Ikeda. His biggest motivation of
exploring Umami is not well known. He simply wanted to help poor farmers whose main foods were
rice and vegetables at that time and wanted to give them more tasteful life.

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Chillin; I've never heard of chamoy. Will try next time. I found ciruela in Mexico taste similar to umeboshi.

kgreenbury: hope to see you next time!

cg: Hi Mike! Glad to know that you're doing sharpening practice!!! 

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Chamoy is  a salsa or dip that is sweet, sour, spicy. It is a necessary ingredient to this favorite summer time drink, the mangonada. It is sold in small bottles, but often recipes call for large quantities, so most households make their own. The chamoy requires dried apricot, dried ancho chiles (or pequin if you like the heat), strong hibiscus tea (jamaica flores and few other touchs with easy to find ingredients. Chamoy is also used on mango pops. A mango on a wooden stick, sliced like flower petals then the chamoy and also many people like a shake of Tejin, a lime salt, there is one type of tejin, which also say chamoy on the label, it has been flavored to compliment the chemoy.



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