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Recommendations for a root canal specialist


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I have had 5 root canals at lakeside with the most often recommended dentists, including  Haro.  Three of those 5 root canals failed within 5 years.  The last two remaining root canals were done in the last 18 months with other recommended local dentists, so time will tell.  I do not know your age, but for me at 66 with compromised tooth enamel, the three failed root canals occurred when those teeth fractured and had to be extracted.  So then implants were the only remaining option.

if I had to do this over again I would have skipped the root canals and gone to implants.  

The only pain free root canal that I have had was about 6 months ago with Dr. Coty Salas.  

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I just had a pain free root canal with Endodontist Dra. Cynthia Berny a few weeks ago. She 'may' be better known as Dr. Barragan's wife at their practice in Mirasol.  I cannot recommend her more fully. Right from the start she took her time... I've never had a dentist(a) be more caring starting right from the first step.... deadening the gums/nerve. Many docs just shove that novocaine (actually Lydocaine these days) in and start drilling before YOU are ready! Not this Doctora. She was very 'gentle' with the injections and throughout the remaining procedure.  My wife also had some work done around the same time by the Dra. that included deadening and remarked to me the same things that I had experienced.

Dra. Cynthia speaks English.... better than she thinks or believes.... but just in case she has an assistant that is pretty fluent in English.

P.S. The cost of the root canal there was $3200 pesos.... $168 US.   (For what it's worth, my wife just had just had a root canal in Colorado for.... $1,100 US.)

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