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Guitar Rentals Wanted

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On 1/2/2020 at 12:55 PM, MissHalifax said:

Can anyone recommend a Music Store or an individual to rent guitars from in the Ajijic/Chapala area? 

There are no music stores here.  You must go to Guad.

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12 hours ago, slainte39 said:

There are no guitar rental facilities in the Chapala area and probably not in GDL either. This is per Trevor Armstrong, Cassie´s partner in the music store, not her brother Bryan, who doesn´t have a music store here. 

Yes Trevor Armstrong has the only music store here and Cassie is his wife. Bryan  has not had a music store for many years and if Trevor says that you probably can't rent a guitar in Guadalajara either,he is probably correct as he is also a musician and has many connections with other bands in Guadalajara.

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Thanks for continuing to attack me in public forums, TelsZ4. Only the gods know why you love to do it.

As for your comment about computer literacy, you have actually failed to obfuscate the issue with your disparaging and misleading statement.

I have known Bryan for many years, but we are not friends. I just saw him at his Mom's Christmas party, so it is natural for me to assume he's still around, especially when he plays with his band from time to time... here. I see him at restaurants and around, often with his bud who is involved with the Iron Horse. Further, his sister is Cassie, and SHE is who I suggested the OP go looking for. Bryan HAD a music store in Chapala, so I assumed he still might have something to do with the one she is involved with, however indirectly. I don't know Trevor. The fact that I was incorrect should not be cause for the trolls (yes, you, TelsZ4) to come flying out of the woodwork. If anyone had taken the time to drop in on Cassie, she would have told them up front, and everything would have proceeded smoothly.


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On the street which holds the Monday market there is a store which always seems to have a lot of Guitars on display (new, used ?). If you make a left off the main highway where the chicken guy is (sort of across from Soriano's) then a right on to the Monday market road you will see this store on the left a block down maybe.

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