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INSABI replaces Seguro Popular + alternative, affordable medical facilities in Guadalajara


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Why would they be a "fool" if they are willing to pay for something? If they earned the money why should someone else tell them how they are allowed to spend it? Don't you just "live and let live"?

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57 minutes ago, CHILLIN said:

Well there are always fools who think they deserve better treatment, better foods, better education than the common rabble. Just think, they pay high income taxes to support the public system, then an even higher amount for private health care and private education.

Do you not believe in free enterprise? If not is that not communism, or it today's political correct jargon, socialism? And yes, I am always looking for better treatment, better foods and better education...what is wrong with that. Who is the fool, I politely ask?

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1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

Well there are always fools who think they deserve better treatment, better foods, better education than the common rabble. Just think, they pay high income taxes to support the public system, then an even higher amount for private health care and private education.

Maybe they are rich and don't mind.

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Unless you've actually lived with the Canadian Health System, you know boodiddleysquat. It's based on a triage system and if it's not life threatening, you can wait. If you don't want to wait, you have options... like going to the U.S. or Mexico or anywhere in the world that your bank account will take you.

Regarding the Mexican public health care system, imho, it makes more sense to charge for little things to keep the coffers up for the big things. The big things being less likely than a multitude of small things.... and most people worry about the impact of big things that may or may not occur. I dunno, maybe I'm dreaming. OTOH, prevention and education starts in the classroom... so, ya, I'm dreaming.

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Google Translation:


Insabi "does not cover more, but does charge more": Frenk Mora

by Drafting / LP January 15, 2020 12:59 pm

The former secretary of Health criticizes the implementation of Insabi. He considers that it lacks technical support and, above all, resources. Doubts that full gratuity can be achieved.

The poor planning and design of the Institute of Health for Wellness (Insabi), in particular the non-gratuitousness in rare or complex conditions, coupled with the lack of resources of the Federal Government, make it an obsolete and insufficient medical care system.

This was stated by Dr. Julio Frenk Mora, rector of the University of Miami and Secretary of Health during the six-year term of Vicente Fox. In an interview for Aristegui Live, the doctor said he has an interest in the Insabi, but the legislation that derived in its creation and its operational design, they were carried out “steamed”, based on ideological premises and not on technical factors.

“It's a huge setback, it's an obsolete model that we don't see in any other country. It looks like what Mexican health looked like in the seventies of the last century. ”

One of the shortcomings that he pointed out is the return to a centralized structure, reversing a decentralization process that lasted more than 20 years.

For Frenk, the most serious thing is that “a financing structure that had given enormous positive results was dismantled, since it had been put into law, which created a fiscal obligation for the Mexican State towards health care, for people who were excluded from social security [IMSS]. ”

An important aspect of Insabi's start-up, and that has unleashed discomfort among the population, according to Frenk, is the misinformation and confusion generated by federal officials about the gratuity of the new health system.

“It is in the Law, from there it is said that Insabi is only responsible for what is called the first level, which are the clinics, and the second level, which are the general hospitals, where simple deliveries and surgeries are seen. But it is not responsible for the so-called third level, which are the sufferings of high cost and complexity. ”

He explained that the third level includes cancer, intensive care, especially for newborns, heart attacks or diabetes, an important limitation, "given the obesity problems we have in Mexico."

Frenk said he has the desire that Insabi work as planned, it is a good goal, "but it will not be achieved with the budget they have," he said.

The lack of budget is part of the Insabi design problem. "It's promising everything to everyone without saying how."

He clarified that the Seguro Popular did not cover everything, because no health system in the world covers everything, "but the diseases that most affected family economies were covered."

"Instead (the Insabi) doesn't cover more, but it does charge more," he said."

There appears to be no fix in sight as the 2020 federal budget has no tax money destined for INSABI except for what the new National Health Plan law permits. Only by changing this restrictive law to include more coverage for free and then amending the 2020 federal budget could it smooth things over, it appears. Until then people will have to pay to get services not covered.


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 Google Translation:

"1 day ago


Aggravates problems by creating the Insabi

By Ernesto Acosta

"Saltillo, Coah.- The disappearance of Seguro Popular puts the health of millions of people in the country at risk, because far from solving the problems with the creation of the Institute of Health for Wellbeing, they were aggravated by lack of attention.

Health services that were previously granted free of charge are now charged, with great impact on those without social security [IMSS], said Antonio Medina Trejo, director of Sexual Diversity at the PRD nationwide.

“In addition to not guaranteeing the right to health care of Mexicans, embodied in Constitutional Article 4, the entry into force of Insabi reveals the ineptitude and incapacity of the self-appointed Fourth Transformation to develop laws and public policies beneficial to the population.

"We demand that the federal government resolve immediately the failures shown by the Insabi, which put the integrity of at least 6 million users in danger," he said.

He stressed that, once again, the whims of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, endorsed by the Morenista majority in the Congress of the Union, do not contribute to solving the great national problems and do aggravate them.

The foregoing, by allowing the disappearance of government institutions and programs that, while registering deficiencies in their operation, were necessary in the provision of services.

“The President does not listen and does not understand the needs of Mexicans who need timely and efficient health services. The reality shows that his repeated promise that Mexico would have a health system similar to that of the Scandinavian countries, was only a crude electoral strategy, ”he said.

He added that Insabi does not help low-income people who need medical attention at a low cost.

"By declaring that the services would be free, the President, with the complicity of the Morena legislators, lied and cheated society clearly and simply because the Institute lacks sufficient budgetary allocation," he said."

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The last 2 posts...ALL FAKE NEWS!!!

What is ARISTEGUI NOTICIAS and who is Ernesto Acosta??? Maybe the New York Times and Jim Acosta of Mexico? I do not believe a word and neither should you. After all these years of doing business and living here, I only believe reality when it actually happens. Chill!!!

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Well we are involved now with some others in trying to save our maid's husband from cancer and it does appear there is some truth along with some politics in these articles.  It is definitely not a smooth transition and there does appear to be some heretofore charging for services that used to be free to SP patients.  As I noted previously there's a number of states that are refusing to accept the change without further negotiation.

SP will not cover the radiation treatment he needs but several private hospitals have arrangements with them that result in reduced charges, which is some help.  As of this moment they are still honoring those arrangements.  We are headed into GDL today to make the required payment to get things started.

As with all drastic changes, this one is going to take some time to shake itself out.

On edit there's an article in today's Informador that indicates 19 states have not signed on.

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Just now, Mainecoons said:

More fall out from the INSABI change:


I'm not understand this at all.  Why wouldn't the SP staff and facilities just migrate to the new system unchanged?  

Now I realize why life time politicians simply keep kick the can (s) down the road..making serious  changes can be harmful to maintaining your job

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