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Need Gardener


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Hello Guiness.  I just got back from the states and saw your post.  We have a marvelous Gardener who also knows about plants and constructing many fountains and many other things pertaining to gardens.  He is totally bilingual and works with his father who taught him everything.  They lived in the states many many years.  They have their own truck and all the equipment.  He is very very hard working and totally honest and reasonable.  He comes highly recommended by many of the expats here and many here on this board have recommended him also.  Here is his number and if you need references he can give them.

Thanks so much for considering him.  See below


Barrons Landscaping  331 267 9364  Ernesto totally bilingual

                                       871 509 5816  Demetrio Father - spanish

                                                                 and understands english

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Ernesto Barron and company are excellent. He bids on the job and you pay a set amount each week. They do all the work that needs to be done that day. Sometimes they work for 2 hours, occasionally for up to 4 hours - two people - getting everything done. They aren't cheap but IMHO well worth the money.

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22 minutes ago, Apachewoman said:

Also looking for gardener who has transportation and basic tools

Las Fuentes near Jocotepec.


I have 2 gardener brothers from San Juan Cosala who are looking for more work.. 

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