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I am looking for people who have had real experience renting a car at the Guadalajara Airport.  I have found out that the prices quoted, which are very very low, do not include mandatory insurance. This is a scam really because the rental agencies know the insurance is mandatory but don't quote it.

It is possible that some rental companies will accept car insurance purchased from Mexican insurance companies who specialize in this insurance. But supposedly there's no way to tell unless you talk to them at the counter. So if you have had experience and no other way to avoid the very expensive rental insurance the companies sell themselves please post that helpful information.

I am looking to rent a car for the next trip to Lakeside and I'm trying to stick handle through the mandatory insurance rates. 



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I am from Canada and when my wife and I went in September this year I used Rentcars dot com.  I rented from Mex Car and they were fantastic !  They have a shuttle at the airport to take you to where all the rental car places are. Just see the kiosk after you get your luggage. 

 With Rentcars they will give you the price including the insurance that you need. They only include the cost of insurance with a few of the companies and not others. Mex put a hold of $400 on my card as a security deposit but they all do that.  They did ask me about getting insurance but when I told him I had it and he saw that I had paid it already to Rentcars he just said, Ok and off they went to get our car. I got a Hyundai Elantra and it was in great shape.

 I would not hesitate to use Rentcars again. Everything went great from booking online till dropping the car back off at GDL.   I hope this helps. 

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Hello freewilly, my name is Margaret and I have rental cars here in Ajijic.  I include the insurance in the total price of the rental rate of the vehicle. My vehicles are very new, for the most part. And my rental rates are very agreeable. I don’t know when you plan on returning to Lakeside but I will have cars starting again in April.

3311776330. Margaret 

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Thanks for all of the replies. Here is where they led me.

rentcars.com is great. You can check liability bpx and then get the quote that you will actually pay. I have a standard car for 16 bucks a day.

I recommend this site.

Expedia was not as good on the insurance, but you could get to the bottom line. Best rate was more than above.

Local rentals...I have requested 2 quotes and one has replied and the rate is almost double what I have now found. Add in 30 bucks each way to airport and that is way more expensive.

thanks again for your help.


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I have to update....the rentcars.com site had directed me to book with Americar rental. When I looked at the reviews they were horrible. What I feared most is that once at the agency they add on more charges and do not honour the contract. This IS the case with this company and I cancelled my booking.

I am continuing to look and right now it looks like an agency called Sixt is very well regarded. The rate I got with them through hotwire is great, but I am corresponding to see if it DOES include mandatory liability insurance.

Will update when more is known.

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I have concluded this search.

Sixt at Guadalajara airport is highly recommended. I reached out to their MX head office and confirmed that all of the rates they quote INCLUDE the required third party insurance.


1.- Insurance against third parties ( THIRD PARTY INSURANCE ), this is already included in all rates can not be removed in any way

2.- Unlimited mileage

3.- Local taxes and local fees.

The rate for a 5 passenger automatic Nissan Versa or similar  works out to $12.60usd daily which is the best I could find. I am very happy with this booking. I spend a lot of time going behind the local franchises and what is included. This was not easy and I hope others can use my work and save themselves time and heartache.

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