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Good mornine all...

has anyone temporary resident taken  a cruise from San Diego ?
exiting from Tijuana CBX and cruising on the Mexican riviera or the sea of Cortez?
what is required by INM visiting the different ports in Mexico after you exited Mexico?
maybe it looks confusing, I am asking so we are not jeopardizing our visa temporal.


thank you for your constructive comments

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You will not need anything for your port visits in Mexico.  There is no tourist permit issued therefor there is no conflict. The cruise line certifies to Mexico that all passengers have the legal right to enter Mexico and your passport remains on the ship. Your ship ID is the entry & exit document at port immigration. 

You will need to follow the proper exit and entry requirements for immigration at the CBX bridge using the properly filled out FMM document clearly marked on both portions TEMPORAL. The small is turned in when you leave and the large is turned in when you return. 

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Using the CBX is a little bit risky in my opinion, because there is no INM office there for registering that you are leaving and re-entering Mexico.  There is an INM office somewhere in Tijuana (a couple of miles away I think) and if you were following the rules you would have to go there to do that process, before coming back to the airport and crossing to the United States. There is no one at the airport to turn your documents in to.  To do what you are suggesting, you would be leaving Mexico without registering that you are, and although you would probably never be found out, what if you were?  For that reason, when I went to San Diego last week to cruise on the Oosterdam, I flew direct to San Diego.  I have a Permanente visa and wouldn't want to have problems with it.

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