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Vicky's Sourdough Donuts


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1 hour ago, Mostlylost said:

They are on the Libramiento...  on the west side .. south of Don David's pollo..and where the nuts & bolts shop used to be.... north of the nursery,  between the 2 sets of new topes ...   near the green tractor tire....    up the  street from Walmart,.....  across the street and slightly south of the BP (former Pemex) station,   directly across from where the circus used to set up

That should do it!!

Are you LOST again???

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22 hours ago, happyjillin said:

It is just up from the garden centre and before all those other businesses mentioned. Bit hard to spot. because it's sort of downhill but it has a 3-4 foot donut in front. Saw it yesterday.

That is the green tire from the tire place, not a doughnut. They are next door and are open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday they are at the tianguis.

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Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third....

But I am going to venture out and find this place.  
I have been here almost 8 weeks and am getting good at finding things.
Most people are rather nice to the lost newbies. 
One lady, on another post, did give me a map.
That was so nice of her.  
Still, this is a hilarious post.    

Do they make jelly donuts?

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I went there and it is still hard to find.

Pretend you are going to roll the green tire into the building.
That would be the front door 
Careful...there is a step down

Could not tell if it was open or not 
until I walked all the way down.

Left side of the tire place.
Right side motel is too far right.

A real hole in the wall
In front of green tire is a banner
but it is dark
I could not read it until after I found the place.  
Just go to the tire place and slide to the left and fall forward.
The green tire hides the front door from the street.

Who's on first!

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33 minutes ago, LifeNo5 said:

Why are all the town bakeries so hard to find? 

Ajijic - up an unmarked walk, through a flour-coated tunnel.

San Antonio - unmarked, follow your nose to the open brown door, etc.  😋

No, in  San Antonio it is a black door as opposed to a green door as in a song from my time. 

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We went there today around 1:00pm. Almost sold out of everything.  We bought Boston cream donut, lime coconut donut and a pork/mole item. Very, very good.  We will be regular customers.  

We found it with no problem.  However,  MER is right on with directions and warnings. 

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34 minutes ago, Sea said:

Shouldn't the person who thought the green tire was a doughnut get a special forum award? Cause that was a golden moment. I'm voting 10/10.

If you're referring to me  you should be getting an award of some sort for this post because I said her sign[which is barely visible from the right side of the road] ,i said it was a replica of a  donut not a green tire. Chocolate it is. Unless you're colour blind chocolate is brown not green. If you're not referring to me,ignore my comment.

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