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My Mail Forwarding Service in FL Has Gone Out of Business

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My wife and I have been using Nato Mail in Sarasota FL for 4 years and I have just learned that they went out of business 2 months ago. We have also used their address for certain documentation as we do not own a home and have no permanent residence. Now we are at a loss as to what to do. Nato Mail was charging us $100 a year plus postage for our forwarded mail.  

My question to forum people (non-homeowners, as you obviously would use your other home address) is what do you do about your US mail and address in the US?  

Thanks in advance - Sam

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For me, I have found the perfect solution.  I had no US residential address.  I researched and chose this service: www.travelingmailbox.com

This is what I like about it:

1.  It provides me with a US address.

2. The price is very reasonable.

3.  When each piece of mail arrives, I am notified via e-mail.  I enlarge the view to see who the sender is.  I then decide what I want done with it and select that from a simple drop down menu.  This allows me to have mail that does not interest me to be shredded and deleted at no cost. I instruct which items are to be opened and scanned. That's all done from that drop down menu.   I get a notification once scanning is complete.  It is usually within just a few hours.  I then view it and print only the pages I actually want on my printer.  Occasionally, someone might send me a refund check or something similar.  I then select Deposit from the menu and they make that deposit for me.  I can see its status easily.

4.  I very seldom have items forwarded as I print whatever is necessary.  There is a small extra charge for forwarding items.  I can accumulate several items to be sent in one mailing.  I have a friend who is frequently in the US and I have her bring me those items.  I do this to avoid getting anything sent here and that way, it costs me nothing extra.

5. I am happy with the customer service (I am usually quite critical of most customer services) which is always available through chat on their site, should I have a question.


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