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Anyone have the new Telmex fiber optic internet?


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8 hours ago, ComputerGuy said:

Perhaps, but that in effect really actually negates your own statement about your costs, I would say.

No, it means that it's a moot point discussing the installation costs when each fracc is different. To each their own. 

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It's not moot for people who want to know. All I did was post what I know for a fact. And at Birds of Paradise, for example, for their high up-front costs, they were being maxed out at 10 down. that's hardly what fibre represents in concept, and to me a typical example of TelMex gaming. When that place in Chula Vista gets over 40 with no outlay or physical changes, and Birds gets 10 after paying well for it, it is definitely not a moot point.

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