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In our backyard!


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2 hours ago, bmh said:

wellmaybe they can recycle the plastic we have so it would not be new plastic and wouldnot fill up the dumps..

Dd you read the link? It is all recycled plastics-pop and water bottles, milk bottles, plastic chairs. 

But I would want to see some studies regarding the off-gassing before wanting to live in a plastic house, recycled or not.

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I concur that off-gassing is something that deserves more study.

The house looked nice though and earthquake resistance is a huge plus.

It reminded me a little of a 3D-printed house I saw recently.

Using a Vulcan II 3D printer, it took 48 hours to make at a cost of US$10,000.
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"One panel measures one meter 20 centimeters wide by two meters 40 centimeters high with a thickness of 10 to 13 millimeters. Many of these panels come together to make a house."

This sounds roughly equivalent to a 1/2" sheet of plywood or drywall. I wonder if the same material is used interior and exterior? What would be the framing between them? How are they fastened together? Interesting but I need/crave more info. 

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6 hours ago, bmh said:

no mudgirlI did not read the link because  I have a house, I am not in the market and , really Ido not care what happen with the project one wayor the other..

I'm not in the market for a house, either. But I am sometimes interested and curious about things which don't affect me directly 🙂

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