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My review of iFibra

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It was about 4 months ago that iFibra came to the door offering Fiber optic Internet. Compared to my 5 Meg DSL it looked like a value. I am however NOT a typical Iinternet user and have the requirement of a Public IP to my modem, The Salesperson said he would check on this and get back to me. He never got back to me. In fact he quit working for the company.

Telmex infinitum that never was more than 5Meg, and usully less. In fact I could never make a phone call and use Internet at the same time, because the "phone Line" is Voip and used all the upload bandwith it seemed.

2 months passed and I called iFibra  out of frusration of paying for a constantly failing connection to  Telmex. I was assured by the "engineer" (probably a train engineer) that yes they do provide public IPs to the modem, for no additional charge. I requested again the installation and was told they would send a salesperson back out. 


After another phone call, a month or so later a salesperson shows up. I sign the contract. I a told installation would take up to a week. A Few days later installer calls me saying he will be there in 20 minutes . I waited several houts till 8PM no installer, no phone call , nothing. 


The next day the installer calls telling me he will be there in 20 minutes. I asked if this is 20 Minutes like yesterday, he said no 20 Minutes. Probably an hour later the installer shows up. He completes the install and to my surprise NO PUBLIC IP! I disconnect the modem and tell him I will not sign for it. he makes a call to someone in the office who is justifying why they are not giving me what they promised. I had the phone back to the installer while the guy talks on. The installer talks to the man on other end then claims that I need only request a Public IP and there is "No additional charge" , so I signed and accepted.


The next day I call the office and am informed "Your contract does not include a Public IP" . I said it was what I requested from the start then it is the wrong contract. There appears to be no reference to "no public IP" anywhere in the contract.  Later that day I talk to "an engineer" , not the same one as before. He says they do not offer public IPs contradicting what I have now been told more than once. I asked him if the lie was what he was telling me or what the other two employees told me?


AT 5PM iFibra violated their contract and the law by unilaterally disconnecting service. 


It goes on.......







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