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Independent/assisted living facility


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Moon starts at 1600 US a month.  Small one bedroom,. No stove just micro and apt size frig. Kitchen livingroom combo.  Meals served in dinning hall.  No assisted living staff

check it out

new progressive living development going west of Ajijic.  Large development.  Don't know the details


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4 hours ago, zebramx said:

Hi All,

We are looking to move back to Chapala area after medical emergency sent us to the states,We are looking for a nice independent/assisted living community, with meals, house cleaning, etc ..  Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated, Thank you! 


Casa Anastasia in Riveras del Pilar, assisted living, big room whit bath, tv, 3 food at day and postre time, pool and yard area, 24hrs Dr, Dr Garcia from the new hospital in san antonio is the Dr, if you want more info send me a PM! Saludos.

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Casa Zoe near Cielo Vista on the Libramiento is quite nice.  Also, I have a friend staying at Dr. Leon's Assisted Living facility on the Carretera in Ajijic (where his office used to be) and she's receiving very good care and service.

Val Jones :)

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6 hours ago, bournemouth said:

A new location has just opened in Chapala, on Calle Apaculco I think.  Dra. Carla Cueva is the attending doctor and Rebecca Holt is the owner.  She has had an ad in the Reporter the last two weekends.

I wasn't impressed by that one. Good sized patio but some of the bedrooms have no windows. 

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