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Last night about 8pm we found tiny black kitten in our front entrance. I think someone might have put him inside the metal gate. He was screaming and shaking. Scared. I’m in the village and not sure what to do. I’m certain not from this neighbourhood. Poor kitty is safe now but very scared and crying for mama I think. 

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Thank you everybody for your kind help! I was feeling desperate. Thank you Barb for getting me in touch with Jackie. Wonderful work she is doing. But woke up this morning with kitty snuggled up to my neck and knew I couldn’t leave him behind. Going to be a lot of work but he’s coning to Canada with us! Hoping my old cat Daisy will be stand in Mom. Thank you everybody but special thanks to Barb and Jackie. 



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For all who have been following the adventures of Mr Black Kitty - his Mom sent a note to let us know.  He arrived yesterday to  his new home in Canada with his new parents.   He was the perfect gentleman on the flight even  though the plane was delayed for a while. He was given   a Welcome  to Canada !    greeting upon his arrival  and compliments    to his  new parents for doing such a good deed. At this time,  he does not have a name decided upon.. a family  decision will be made soon.  His Mom wished to thank all who posted on the webboard and wished him well, and special thanks to Barb, Vet Memo and Jackie for the extra help in making this adventure have a happy beginning. 


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