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Interesting link and set of offers, including a kilo of pure ground stevia leaves for 268 pesos!  Mercado libre is amazing.  It has just about everything you could imagine.

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Stevia is used as a glucose free sweetener, be extra careful when you buy stevia sweeteners in the stores, stevia when it's in its pure state, is kind of herby tasting and not the greatest tasting thing to sweeten stuff, so when you buy stevia extract powders in the stores they usually change it and dilute it and add horrible stuff like chemical slenda and such to improve upon the taste.  For those looking for a sugar alternative that is completely healthy and tastes just like sugar, look up Monk Sugar, it is a glucose free sugar alternative that is completely natural and comes from the Monk Fruit which comes from Asia.  It is the closest sugar alternative that tastes the closest to real natural sugar and it is kind of expensive but we have been able to order it on Amazon and have it shipped down.  When on the Keto diet, it does wonders and you can use it to make cakes and cookies just like you would use real sugar.  Stevia is not the best tasting sugar alternative.  Gosh, now that I am thinking about it, I bet we could even grow a Monk Fruit plant here, now that I need to research a bit more, where to find one, hmmmm........

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