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iLox and private vs. public IP addresses

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Kudos to iLox tech support at their noc@mail.ilox.mx address. Yesterday a customer in Chula Vista (yes!) had a new iLox install and could no longer get NetFlix, using their SmartDNS service. An email to iLox got a response within 5 minutes... we watched the modem reboot, seemingly of its own accord, and 5 minutes later our request to have the service switched from the standard iLox private IP addressing to a public IP came through. Reset the SmartDNS and everything back to normal.

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Makes me wonder why they continue to insist on private IPs (there are still plenty of IPv4 addresses out there, and plenty if IP6s).  Think of the time and money tech support could save and put to better use than resetting IPs every day. Not to mention the aggravation on both sides.

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Their policy assigns a private IP and if customer requests they  switch to a public one...Just a conservative business practice to conserve the public IP pool.  My understanding is  IPV4 space is all assigned and exhausted but I could be wrong.  IPV6 would be nice and at some point they have to do it.

Their private IPV4 addresses go through what they call https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrier-grade_NAT (CGN) which wreaks havoc upon streaming but is unnoticeable for most simple outgoing connections like web browsing.  An outgoing VPN connection also usually works well with CGN because the streaming is encapsulated in the VPN connection.


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