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I used Carlos for a very long time but had continued problems not with him but with his employees who just didn't seem to know how to keep the chemicals in balance plus they broke my tools and use my chemicals when they were supposed to bring their own.  And sometimes they didn't show up at all.

When Carlos was doing my service personally he was great.  Never would have changed as long as he was doing the service.

Had a lot of problems, repeated "green" attacks requiring floccing and losing a lot of water repeatedly, not good since I use fully treated and softened water in my pool.  Have had a new guy for 6 months with zero problems even during the rains which often would trigger problems.  I think the world of Carlos personally but he couldn't handle the pool personally so I very reluctantly made the change.

I don't think my guy would go to Chapala Haciendas but I'll check.



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