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Two Artists from New York with a Question!

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Good Morning!
My partner and I are new to the area - We came from New York and rented a little spot in near Ajijic. We are still getting our feet wet here with the vibe and various happenings!
We are both artists -- I'm an illustrator, mainly for Children's Literature and he is a songwriter/musician/producer. We actually wanted to get involved with the creative community here (that I know you have board for!), but we had two questions:
- My partner is looking to give lessons in piano and/or songwriting (any style; he's got a huge background in rock and jazz) and wanted to know the best way to go about it or where there would be interest?
-We are also looking to get an actual piano at some point (we couldn't bring ours down) - so any thoughts on where we can look?

Anyway, really glad to be here and looking forward to speaking with you all!

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Welcome to Mexico! You are sure to find fresh inspiration, colors and sounds around every corner. Any legit art galleries are going to ask for work permits - their money, their rules. Likewise music producers (I think - no experience). You may have to rely on a "gig" economy, based on your contacts and agents back in New York until you get your status. The good news about this is there is great deal of curiosity about Mexico right now, so chldren book writers and musicians would be interested in travelling down for collaborations. I know there is musical studio space available, legally. The problem for an illustrator is that Mexico has one of the lowest numbers of book readers in the world. Sad, but true.

Good luck.

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Thank you guys! I am clear on the visa/permit limits and requirements for sure and I appreciate the feedback on the community. I didn't clarify on that before. 

@CHILLIN Thank you for the welcome! Great info! We both do a lot of online/freelance (I have a book I'm working on at the moment) so yes, our audience is mainly online. Just wanted to get a feel of what could be done here. Good to know about studio space as that would be something we would want to get into down the line.

@Mainecoons Thank you for the info!

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If you are on FB; check out The Doverlaff Songwriters Circle, Chapala - Recently moved from Oregon where they hosted this type of venue for many years.
pulled this from their FB site - Hope you Singers and songwriters from around the lake can join is for our second Doverlaff Singers and Songwriters Circle in the Chapala Haciendas Sunday, October 20th at 4 pm for some singing. Bring your own beverages. PM us if your interested in the details and the directions.;

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On 10/13/2019 at 8:17 AM, lakeside7 said:

You may wish to contact Tim Welch , he is the chior  director at St Andrew's church. 

He is a great resource  person for what is happening  at Lakeside also  in Guadalajara 

Second the motion for Timothy G. Ruff Welch.  He's s superlative musician, director of Los Cantantes choral group, and an all-around wonderful guy.  We've been friends for a long time and you'll like him a LOT.   Another good contact is Jayme Littlejohn, at the new BRAVO theatre.  Tell them both Cristina Potters sent you!  

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Check this link and reach out to the contact info there (or send me a PM, we are a sponsor)


Super people, great event, great contacts and networking opportunities for you both, both lakeside and in Guad.


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The open mikes are in Chapala Thursdays at 5 at El Patio restaurant on Madero (main street) and in  Ajijic at La Bodega restaurant  5:00 - 7:30 on Wednesdays.  Mostly English language singers.   Same backup band at both.  Pretty good, veteran players from the States.  Otherwise, some oldies English language bands playing around.  And a lot of Spanish language bands playing in the area.  Then, of course, there`s Guad.....

There`s a huge piano store in Guad but I don`t know the name.  Tim Welch would know.  He`s the choir director at St. Andrews Anglican church in Riberas. He`s the most knowledgeable, most accomplished/professional  musician here.  Directs several choirs here and in Guad and is a highly desired voice teacher.  Accompanist par excellence.

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On 10/14/2019 at 4:43 PM, sue said:

There are 2 pianos one a baby grand at the antique ?? bazaar in West Ajijic It is just east of the Tuesday market on the carra terra lake side. .

I did not look at prices but might be worth your checking out.

Are they still there?  Last time I looked (last week) I didn`t see them.  Maybe I was in the wrong place.

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