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solar panels at legion


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It would be prudent for the legion to save money and install solar energy even if they start with 4 to 6 panels and a larger invertor, where can expand to later to installing more solar panels as they save on electric expenses.

Other organizations have done this to save money, CFE fees are going up not down.

Ajijic and Guadalajara have more solar energy installations then anywhere in Mexico. 


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If you are a private home owner and if you are in DAC or the expensive electrical charge level, you will find your return on your investment isn't that many years. Don't believe me? phone up Opiere Solar or any other Solar panel company with your electrical bill in front of you and they can even give you a pretty good estimate on how many years.

Sure if you are a very light user and only have a bill of a couple hundred pesos every two months, it might not be a good investment and might take many years for a ROI.

I do not know how much electricity the legion uses, but it might very well make sense to put in panels, I don't know. But I would bet that with the cost of panels so low and the cost of electricity going up every few months that it might be a good investment to install panels, They ought to check it out.

Me? I installed my first 10 panels in 2008, I have added more since and am very happy.

EDIT: I just looked up the DAC rate for I think May and it was $111.87 per month plus $4.365 per KWH all plus IVA or 16%

So if you are using 2,500 KW hours per 2 month period, your electrical bill would be 2 times 111.87 + IVA plus 2500 times 4.395 + IVA or   $259.54 plus 12,658.50= $12,918.04


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The easiest way to look at the DAC rate currently is that it is about 6 pesos per kWh, incl the IVA.   So 2,500 kWh would work out to almost 15,000 pesos actually.

We've just installed for the President of the Legion's home, he is very happy, and while the Legion has a small system (someone else put in a very under-sized inadequate one under the previous board) that is on their list to improve and expand upon.

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