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Very Bad Eggs


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55 minutes ago, rafterbr said:

From the day it is laid an egg should be good for at least 60 days if refrigerated.  If eggs are not refrigerated they should be good for at least 2 weeks.  In the states the packers usually put a 30 day expiration on the carton.  Depending on the state laws, sometimes the cartons will only contain a Julian date and the store will remove carton after 30 days.  Eggs are usually safe for another 3 or 4 weeks after the expiration date so selling them up to the 30 day removal is OK.  Commercial farms do not have roosters so eggs are not fertilized and you won't find the blood of a forming chick in them.  With a free range egg you will often find a little blood spot.

In Mexico eggs still have their  air tight protective coating on them. In the US this is washed off so it is a different ballgame we are playing here. That is why stores keep eggs on shelves outside of refridgerated areas. That is also why you might see a little spot of chicken poop on an egg once in awhile. Also they are more difficult to crack open.

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