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Canadian Expats Register to vote by mail


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2 hours ago, sem123 said:

With the Canadian Federal Election less than 40 days away  you can register to vote by mail. You'll need to figure out how to get the kit here in time, or have it delivered to the Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara.

Here are the instructions


I am already registered. They told me that once the election writ was dropped, that my voting kit would be sent to me by courier.  I seem to recall them saying that there would be enclosed a return waybill so it can be sent back to them by courier.

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The 43rd general election has been called. Your name currently appears on Elections Canada’s International Register of Electors.

A special ballot voting kit will therefore be sent to the mailing address provided on your application. It will include detailed instructions on how to complete and return your ballot to Elections Canada. It is important that your completed ballot be received by Elections Canada no later than 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on October 21, 2019. 

Please contact us if you have any questions:

613-949-7502 (from anywhere in the world)
1-866-222-2565 (toll-free in Canada and the United States)
001-800-514-6868 (toll-free in Mexico)
TTY 1-800-361-8935 (toll-free in Canada and the United States)


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